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Water meter is a device that record the volume of water use by the flow passing through the meter chamber. most of which are accumulative flow measurements of water. They are generally divided into two categories: volumetric water meters and velocity types water meters. They originated in Britain. The development of water meters has a history of nearly 200 years. When choosing the specifications of water meters, The size and range of the flow used under normal conditions should be estimated first, and then the water meter of the specification closest to the value of the normally used flow should be selected as the first choice.


Q1 (Min. Flow Rate L/h): The indication value of the water meter is required to conform to the minimum flow rate of the maximum allowable error.

Q2 (Transitional flow rate L/h)): Between the commonly used flow Q3 and the minimum flow Q1, the flow range is divided into two regions, "high zone" and "low area", where there is a specific maximum allowable error.

Q3 (Permanent Flow L/h): maximum flow under certain working conditions. At this flow rate, the meter should work properly and meet the maximum allowable error requirement.

Q4 (Max. Flow Rate L/h): The water meter is required to meet the maximum allowable error in a short period of time, and then to maintain the maximum flow rate of the metering characteristics under certain working conditions.




Smart IC card water meter is a new type of water meter which uses modern microelectronic technology, modern sensing technology and smart IC card technology to measure water consumption, transfer water data and settle transaction. This is a great improvement compared with the traditional water meter which only has the function of collecting flow and displaying water by mechanical pointer. In addition to recording and electronic display of water consumption, the smart IC card water meter can also automatically control water consumption according to the agreement, and automatically complete the calculation of water charges of step water price, and at the same time, it can carry out the function of storing water data Because its data transmission and transaction settlement are carried out through IC card, it is possible to realize the change from the charge of the staff member to the user's own payment to the business place. The IC card trading system also has the advantages of convenient transaction and accurate calculation. The appearance of IC card water meter is basically similar to that of general water meter, and its installation process is basically the same. Is to insert the IC card into the water meter. The working process of the IC card water meter is as follows: the IC card chip containing the amount of money is inserted into the IC card reader in the water meter. After the computer module recognizes and downloads the amount, the valve opens and the user can use water normally. When the user uses water, the water quantity acquisition device starts to collect the water consumption, and converts the needed electronic signal to the microcomputer module for metering, and displays it on the LCD display module. When the amount of water used by the user drops to a certain value, the microcomputer module gives a sound alarm and prompts the user to pay a fee to buy water with the card. If the amount of water is exceeded, the microcomputer module automatically closes the electronic control valve and cuts off the water supply. Until the user inserts the paid IC card chip and reopens the valve for water supply.


Wireless remote water meter is a kind of remote reading and controlling cold water meter that accords with CE certification. With the help of mbus remote transmission meter reading management system, the meter reading and control can be realized automatically, and the instrument data can be copied, controlled, stored, queried, monthly statement, meter read settled, automatically completed. Fee settlement, report printing and other functions, the collection of data for classification, complete manual work of all kinds of complex.


Wireless remote water meter reading system consists of wireless remote water meter, collector, concentrator and comprehensive meter reading management system software. Implement the following functions:

Reading function:

Support the management center set up a good meter reading task, support the system set automatic manual reading of data information, the realization of automatic meter reading unattended function. At the same time, the system also supports manual meter reading function, which can read water meter data at any time.

Prepaid function:

When the residual water in the water meter is less than the set value of residual water, the valve is automatically closed, prompting the user to buy water, inserting the function card and opening the valve, and can continue to use the remaining water until 0, and automatically close the valve.

Complete reading data:

User number, cumulative amount, left amount, last purchase amount, hoarding amount, purchase times, meter status, battery status, valve status, fault information and so on. Anti-inversion function: with self-checking function when water meter is inverted, the valve locks automatically after detecting water meter inversion.

Anti-damage function:

With anti-external knock and electromagnetic damage or external line damage, water meter lock automatically. Anti-drip function: it has the function of dripping meter.

Anti-damage function:

With protection from external knock and electromagnetic damage or external wire damage, water meter lock automatically.

Anti-drip function:?

Dripping meter could be tested.

Other functions:

1) Pulse metering

2) Wake-up

3) Real-time two-way communication

4) Real-time wireless control valve

5) Low voltage alarm

6) Low voltage shutoff valve

7) Disassembly alarm

8) Magnetic attack alarm

9) Shutoff valve

10) Timing quantitative reporting data

11) Designated routing function

12) Disassembly detection function

13) Fault active alarm function (this function can be turned off wirelessly)



Water meter can be classified photoelectric water meter type (or called opto-electronic, optical electric type), pulse output water meter type, ultrasonic water meter type.

Opto-electronic direct reading water meter: The photoelectric direct reading technology is used to read the word wheel data.Compared with the traditional pulse output water meter, it can reduce the reading error to zero. It is an electronic remote water meter with zero error of electromechanical conversion in the automatic meter reading system. The design of low power consumption is adopted, and the power supply is not usually required. It is only needed to supply power when reading meters or controlling the valves.

Pulse output water meter: a pulse output is a circle of ?reed switch on and off. When the magnet is close enough, the switch closes and the reed is pulled to the closed position. The magnet is positioned on a dial (in some cases a turntable) that rotates due to the flow of water.When the magnet travels far enough away, the reed is released and the switch opens. one time of switch on and off makes a single "pulse." by caculating the amount of pulse it comes to the water flow rate used

Ultrasonic water meter: It is a new type of water meter, which detects the time difference caused by the change of velocity when the ultrasonic beam propagates downstream and countercurrent in water, and then calculates the flow rate of water by analyzing and processing the flow rate of water.



Velocity water meter and volumetric water meter

Velocity water meter: A water meter installed in a closed pipe consisting of a moving element which is directly caused by the moving velocity of the water flow to obtain the dynamic velocity. Typical velocity water meter has vane wheel and Propeller water meters, sometimes called woltman types. The vane wheel type water meter inlude single jet water meter and the multi-jet water meter.

Volumetric water meter:?A water meter, or a quantitative discharge meter, consisting of a number of chambers of known volumes that are successively filled and discharged from a fluid, and a fluid driven mechanism. The displacement water meter generally adopts the piston type structure.

Types by Caliber Size

According to caliber is divided into large caliber water meter, small caliber water meter.

Water meters with nominal caliber 50mm and below are usually called small caliber water meters, and those above nominal caliber 50mm are called large caliber water meters. These two kinds of water meters are sometimes called civil water meters and industrial water meters. At the same time, this method can also be distinguished from the form of shell connection of water meters. The water meters of nominal 50mm and below are connected by screw thread, and those of 50mm and above are connected with flange. But some special types of meters also have 40mm flanged connections.



According to usage application water meter includes residential water meter and industrial water meter.


Velocity water meter have two methods of installation :horizontal type and vertical type. When installed, the flow direction of the meter is parallel or perpendicular to the horizontal surface. "H"stands for horizontal installation on the register of the water meter, and "V" is used for vertical installation.

Volumetric water meter can be installed in any position, without affecting the accuracy.



By water temperature, water meter inlcudes cold water meter and hot water meter

1) Cold water meter: Water temperature between 0~30℃

2) Hot water meter: Water temperature between 30~90℃

The requirements vary slightly from country to country, with a limit of 50 degrees Celsius for some cold water meters.



They can be categorized as dry dial water meter, wet dial water meter and liquid sealed water meter as per suitable to submerged condition or not.

Wet dial type water meter: When the counter is immersed in the water, the glass of the counter bears Water pressure, the transmission of the sensor and the counter is a gear linkage, and the quality of water quality after a period of time will affect the clarity of the reading of the water meter.

Dry dial type water meter: The counter is not immersed in water, the sensor is isolated from the Chamber of the counter in structure, the glass of the water meter is not subjected to water pressure, and the transmission of the sensor and counter is usually driven by magnetic steel.

Liquid sealed water meter: The word wheel for meter reading or the whole counter are all used to Prepare the liquid sealed water meter with certain concentration of glycerin. The clarity of the sealed isolated counter is not affected by the external water quality, and the other structural properties are the same as that of the wet water meter.



There are two types of meter reading system: inlude wireless meter reading and wired meter reading system.

There are 485 transmission mode and m-bus transmission mode. 485 transmission mode is mainly characterized by four lines (two power lines, two signal lines), which need to distinguish the polarity of lines; M-bus transmission mode is characterized by two lines, both power supply and signal loading, and the two lines do not distinguish polarity.

Wired meter reading can be divided into pulse (active), camera (passive), resistive (passive) and optoelectronic (passive) according to the different ways of realization. from the view of the technical reliability, development direction and market share, optoelectronic water meter is the mainstream way, whatever wired or wireless applied.

The meaning of direct reading meter is that at ordinary times no power supply, when meter reading power supplied.

Remote Reading

The water meter, which is integrated with computer property management, is a photoelectric direct reading meter with remote transmission, a centralized meter reading system and a secondary meter, has a bright future, because it improves the reading method of the water meter. Improved digitization and automation of information, reduced disturbance and security concerns of users using water meters. This type of water meter is also used in too many countries. The mainstream products mainly include photoelectric direct reading meter, wireless remote transmission meter, gprs real-time flow meters, Lora wireless remote reading meters,NB-iot wireless remote reading water meters.


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