Integrated Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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Integrated Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Integrated Electromagnetic Flow Meter is a new type liquid flow meter, the display part and the measure part are integrated which can read the flow data on the screen of the flow meter.It is widely used in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, light spinning, paper making, environmental protection, food and other industrial sectors, municipal administration, water conservancy construction, river dredging and other fields.

Measure Medium


Nominal diameter


Degree of accuracy


Medium conductivity

≥5uS/cm,Actual conductivity≥30uS/cm

Nominal pressure









Highest medium temperature

Compact type


Remote type

CR chloroprene rubber liner (CR)


Polytetrafluoroethylene lining(F4)


Politef lining(F46)




Fluorosilicone rubber(FVMQ)


Output signal

4-20mA;Pulse/Frequency 2kHz(Default),5KHz(Max)

Supply voltage

110/220VAC(100-240VAC),50Hz/60Hz;24VDC ±10%


RS-485,Support standard Modbus-RTU protocol;GPRS

Electrode material

Stainless steel 316L,Hastelloy C,Hastelloy B,titanium, tantalum, platinum

Level of protection

Remote type


Compact type


How to choose the measuring range and caliber of electromagnetic flow meter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter is a kind of flow meter with high precision, high reliability and long service life, so we pay attention to every link in the process of designing product structure, material selection, making process, production assembly and factory test.

We have also designed a set of the most advanced production equipment and flow calibration device specially used for electromagnetic Flowmeter in China, so as to ensure the long-term high quality of the product in both software and hardware.

The electromagnetic Flowmeter specially designs a Chinese liquid crystal display with backlight width and temperature, which has complete and practical functions, intuitionistic display, convenient operation and use, and can reduce the inconvenience caused by the English menu of other electromagnetic Flowmeter.

In addition, we design a 4 × 6 multi-electrode structure exclusively, which further ensures the measurement accuracy and does not need grounding ring at any time, which reduces the trouble of instrument volume and installation and maintenance.

The caliber of the transmitter usually chooses the same caliber as the pipeline system. If the pipeline system is to be designed, the caliber can be selected according to the flow range and velocity. For the electromagnetic Flowmeter, the velocity of flow is more suitable for 2-4m/s. In special cases, if there are solid particles in the liquid, the optional commonly used velocity is ≤ 3 m ≤ s, for the fluid that is easy to be managed. The flow rate ≥ 2m/s can be selected.

The measuring range of the transmitter can be selected according to two principles: one is that the full range of the instrument is greater than the expected maximum flow value; the other is that the normal flow rate is greater than 50% of the full range of the instrument to ensure a certain measurement accuracy.?

Performance characteristics of intelligent electromagnetic flow meter:

The measurement accuracy is not affected by the change of fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity, and the sensor induced voltage signal is linear with the average flow rate, so the measurement precision is high.

2) The free flow in the pipe is measured, so there is no additional pressure loss; there is no movable part in the measuring pipe, so the service life of the sensor is extremely long.

3) Because the induced voltage signal is formed in the space filled with the magnetic field, it is the average value on the pipe load surface, so the straight pipe section required by the sensor is shorter and the length is 5 times of the pipe diameter.

4) only the lining and electrode of the sensor are in contact with the measured liquid, and the corrosion and wear resistance can be resistant as long as the electrode and lining material are selected reasonably.

The LDE converter adopts the latest and most advanced single chip microcomputer (MCU) and surface mount technology (SMT), which has reliable performance, high precision, low power consumption, stable zero point and convenient parameter setting. Click on the Chinese display LCD, to show cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, flow rate, flow percentage and so on.

5) Bidirectional measurement system, can measure forward flow, reverse flow. Adopt special production process and high quality materials to ensure that the performance of the product remains stable for a long time.

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