Electromagnetic Milk Flow Meter

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Electromagnetic Milk Flow Meter

The Electromagnetic Milk Flow Meter is special configured electromagnetic flow meter for the food and pharmaceutical application.The body of the flow meter is made by food grade stainless steel 316L and the liner is made by food grade PTFE. All the wetting part is strictly controlled from the beginning of manufacturing .For the connection part, we choose the sanitary tri-clamp on connection, which is easy to install by the clamp, avoiding the welding and the impurities left in the pipeline..Now the Electromagnetic Milk Flow Meter is widely used in the dairy industries and other beverage factories.

Measure Medium Water,Sewage,Acid,Alkali,Slurry,Milk
Nominal diameter 15-500mm
Degree of accuracy ±0.5%R
Medium conductivity ≥5uS/cm,Actual conductivity≥30uS/cm
Nominal pressure 1.0MPa 1.6MPa 2.5MPa 4.0MPa
DN15-DN500 DN15-DN500 DN15-DN500 DN15-DN50
Highest medium temperature Compact type +80℃
Remote type CR chloroprene rubber liner (CR) +80℃
Polytetrafluoroethylene lining(F4) +120℃
Politef lining(F46) +120℃
Teflon(PFA) +180℃
Fluorosilicone rubber(FVMQ) +250℃
Output signal 4-20mA;Pulse/Frequency 2kHz(Default),5KHz(Max)
Supply voltage 110/220VAC(100-240VAC),50Hz/60Hz;24VDC ±10%
Communication RS-485,Support standard Modbus-RTU protocol;GPRS
Electrode material Stainless steel 316L,Hastelloy C,Hastelloy B,titanium, tantalum, platinum
Level of protection Remote type IP68,IP65
Compact type IP65

Product advantage

Because the electromagnetic milk flowmeter of food and beverage can reflect the measurement results quickly, it can be used in the process of food filling. This electromagnetic milk flowmeter is made of stainless steel in strict accordance with hygienic standards, and its inner lining is PTFE.

The electromagnetic milk flowmeter adopts the new sanitary lining material and lining process, which meet the sanitary requirements of the food industry. At the same time, it adopts the stainless steel shell and the stainless steel clamp connection, which is convenient for the rapid disassembly and cleaning of the electromagnetic flowmeter, so that the electromagnetic flowmeter is not easy to be polluted in the use process, and can effectively prevent the accumulation of measuring fluid residues in the measuring pipe, which can be widely used It is used in the production and manufacturing process of mineral water, soy sauce, jam, beer, juice, rice wine, milk and other food, as well as in the fields of health and chemical industry.

Basic characteristics of food and beverage flowmeter:

A new type of sanitary lining material is used to prevent the accumulation of measuring medium residues in the measuring pipe.

·With the fast connection scheme, the electromagnetic milk flowmeter is easy to disassemble, maintain and clean.

·16 bit embedded microprocessor is used for signal processing, which has high integration, fast calculation speed, high calculation accuracy and full digital signal

Processing, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement and other characteristics.

Quantitative control of filling

In each subsystem, the quantitative control system of filling is one of the most core systems. The filling speed and accuracy of the whole filling machine are often determined by the performance of the system. The key components of the filling quantitative control system include flowmeter, controller and valve. The measurement of filling volume is completed by flow meter, which can quickly and accurately measure the flow of fluid in the connecting pipe of filling head, and upload the signal to the controller, which controls the start / stop of filling valve according to the set quantity to achieve accurate filling.

Requirements of electromagnetic milk flowmeter for aseptic filling

1. Quick response ability and accurate measurement ability. Each filling usually lasts for 2-5 seconds, which requires the flowmeter to measure very fast, and the measurement interval is short, only in this way can it keep up with the flow change curve.

2. Sanitary design and connection. Special materials and connections.

3. Requirements of CIP and sip. In situ cleaning and sterilization involve corrosive media such as acid and alkali. If high temperature steam is used for sterilization, a temperature of about 140 ℃ will appear in the process.

4. Good stability and repeatability.

As the key element of measurement, the filling flowmeter is one of the elements to ensure the accuracy of filling. On the premise of meeting the requirements of aseptic filling process and production efficiency, the design of the whole filling system must consider how to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the filling flowmeter and how to select the appropriate components, such as control valve, and optimize the control mode, so as to make all possible In order to minimize the system error, the interference factors are minimized.


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